Community Led Activity: The Essentials of Community Organising

9.15am to 12.30pm at Nottinghamshire



9.15am to 12.30pm

“We believe that Community Organising has the potential to significantly enhance and strengthen the relationship between individuals, communities, and the institutions and organisations that serve them.”

Do you work with resident facing services? Do you want to want to explore how you can help people to help themselves? This short 3-hour workshop explores techniques and approaches employed by Community Friendly Nottinghamshire to ignite passion in residents enabling them to take action on the things they care about most within their community. The workshop will help you become more aware of the Community Organising Framework, how it can be used to develop an idea and the processes involved which can lead residents to come together, formulate a plan and turn their ideas into action. It is also useful for anyone who may have already been involved with supporting neighbours and residents both through the pandemic and as we emerge out of it.

This new live streaming workshop will cover the essential elements of Community Organising and support you to:

  • ‘Listen’ to the community to maintain the wonderful community spirit that has emerged during the pandemic
  • Reach and connect with others in your community to support them to make things happen
  • Develop your ideas, new projects & activities
  • Adapt existing projects

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