Conscious Inclusion – Moving On From Unconscious Bias And How We Create Behaviour Change?

3.05pm to 3.55pm at National



3.05pm to 3.55pm

Closing this perception gap and embracing inclusion will yield substantial benefits for organisations and their people. But making inclusion ‘real’ is easier said than done. An inclusive culture requires a 21st-century leadership style that tackles head-on the challenges inherent in leading diverse inclusive teams. Good intentions, and even unconscious bias training, is not enough to embed inclusion in organisational DNA. It requires leaders to be active and pursue a strategy with deep understanding and commitment. This conversation will look at what it takes for organisations to root out legacy inequities and design truly inclusive and diverse organisations where everyone can thrive, including:

  • Going from passive to active inclusion to move beyond top-down tokenistic initiatives
  • What is needed at an individual, team and organisational level to promote conscious inclusion and behaviour change
  • Understanding intersectionality to identify invisible barriers and drivers to belonging which can hinder or enhance performance
  • Essential everyday systemic actions and behaviours, the cumulative effect of which lead to organisational culture change
  • How to create connection, a common purpose and ensure opportunity for diverse talent

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