COP26 Regional Roadshow East Midlands - Climate Innovation & Investment

8.30am to 5.30pm at East Midlands

East Midlands


8.30am to 5.30pm

The COP 26 Regional Roadshow East Midlands will take place on 11 November 2021 to showcase the efforts towards net zero and climate change. This is an all day event, but you can drop into the online sessions.

The conference will be hosted in partnership with Nottinghamshire County Council, the 5G Connected Forest and Innovation Nottinghamshire at the Digital Innovation Centre, Worksop Turbine. The building is powered by energy generated by the wind turbine at the centre.  A limited number of tickets are available at no charge to attend the whole day virtual conference event space.

In November, the UK hosts COP26 in Glasgow, bringing world leaders together to tackle climate change. To build momentum for this pivotal event, we’re asking you to help us find #OneStepGreener Climate Leaders – the community groups, individuals, businesses and others who’ve found meaningful ways to take positive environmental action.

The conference will showcase the partnerships, achievements, opportunities and potential across the East Midlands in driving forward UK net zero and climate ambitions at scale. Beginning with a high quality and internationally relevant achievements in Digital Innovation and Green Development, the event will include keynote speakers and panel discussion from high profile partners across the region, addressing key themes, challenges and successes for the climate agenda.

The full day’s programme will provide opportunities for a wide range of businesses, community organisations and UK public sector to connect and collaborate. The day will explore a wide range of important climate topics for the East Midlands including:

With Keynote Speakers

  • Climate, Innovation & Investment – Welcome from Nottinghamshire County Council
  • UK Green Growth Action Plan – Midlands Engine
  • Regional Partnerships for Place & Social Value – Environment Agency
  • Future of delivering development & infrastructure at scale – East Midlands Development Corporation

Showcasing Digital & Green Development, Partnership Working and Future Investments

  • Colliery Regeneration, Housing Retrofit, Low Carbon Energy & Travel
  • Technology Demonstrations, 5G Testbeds, Smart Places, Smart Working
  • Mitigation & Adaptation, Valuing Natural Capital, Social Value & Placemaking
  • The UK’s Inland Freeport, Zero Carbon Approaches, Biodiversity Net Gain

And Live Panel Debates

  • Net Zero Development Design & Practice
  • Green Finance
  • Future of Climate & Infrastructure – ambition & action

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