Supporting Unpaid Carers in Employment Webinar

9.00am to 10.00am at Nottinghamshire



9.00am to 10.00am

Supporting Unpaid Carers at Work Webinar – how and why your organisation should identify and support the unpaid carers in your employment

This online webinar introduces Nottinghamshire Carers Association’s Carers in Employment Initiative and in doing so provides an opportunity to learn about the issue of unpaid caring, the statistics of unpaid caring in the UK, the impact on the carer and the employer and discusses ways in which employers can begin to identify and support the carers in their employment.

The initiative is a free service to Nottinghamshire organisations and its aims are to support and encourage organisations to not only retain those staff who, due to their unpaid caring responsibilities, are at risk of leaving the workforce (as a result of stress, ill health, lack of understanding and/or simply lack of time) but also to recruit more carers into employment.

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