Perception and stigma – is society truly inclusive

1.00pm to 5.00pm at Derby



1.00pm to 5.00pm

Stigma can be deeply hurtful and isolating, and is one of the most significant problems encountered by vulnerable groups within society, when someone experiences the prejudice caused by stigma it not only has a negative impact on them and their families but also the local community. We know stigma can be used to exclude and marginalise people and as such creates an exclusive community.

It has also been shown that the prejudice and fear caused by stigma can prevent people from not only seeking the help they need, but it can also stop people offering help or being supportive to those in society that need it the most.

We know that tackling society’s perception of certain groups and challenging the stigma around them is not a problem that can be solved overnight. But we hope that during this event we can look at how we as a group of individuals coming together can have the potential to affect change within our local community and help to lay the necessary foundations for a real and positive transformation of how those most vulnerable in our community are perceived.

With guest speakers, talks around lived experience and also interactive groups this will be an informative but also practical event to see how we as a community can start tackling stigma and make a more inclusive local community.

Venue: University of Derby Law School, 4 Agard Street, Derby, DE1 1DZ

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