Positively Empowered Kids Virtual Camping Festival

9.15am onwards at D2N2 Wide

D2N2 Wide


9.15am onwards

Positively Empowered Kids is hosting this FREE day of uplifting families, through fun and interactive entertainment, with the focus being on releasing those ‘feel good’ chemicals in the brain to enhance wellbeing and happiness levels.

Put up a tent, or build a den in your garden and join in this full day of excitement with PEK experts.

There will be Zumba, street dance, scavenger hunts, sport activities, storytimes, singing, music and more fun for all the family!

Everyone has had a challenging time over the last few months, and this free virtual camping event by Positively Empowered Kids will help to improve family well-being through fun activities.

When we laugh, and have fun, we naturally release ‘feel good’ hormones such as Seratonin and Oxytocin, which improve our well-being alongside improving our immunity – which is hugely important during these times. Whether you are a parent, carer or child or even an educator come and join in this fun day, let go, feel the joy and feel better!

The event is being organised by Positively Empowered Kids – a social enterprise that brings together experts working to support children’s wellbeing. They have a growing network with over 250 members. They host online events and are in the process of building a family wellbeing platform. Through collaboration and fun activities, the aim is to grow a generation of children who will become effective leaders based on heart-centred leadership, resilience, leading with compassion, living consciously, authentically, rooted in trust, love and kindness.

There is no need to book but you will need to join the Facebook page by following the ‘book now’ link.

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