Addressing the significant impact of having a child of adolescence age - free training

Posted 02.12.2019

Do you know that having a child of adolescence age can have a significant impact on your workforce?

It is reported that 40% of parents dip in their own mental health as their first child hits adolescence. What most organisations are unaware of is how this impacts on the productivity, absenteeism and retention rates of their employees.  Stakeholder Managers have been working with Teen-Behaviour.Com based at Nottingham University. The organisation is run by Anika Vassell, a Working-Parent Occupational Health & Wellbeing Consultant; Teen Behaviourist & Parent Advocate. recognise the stress of parenting and how this impacts on the parent.  They offer practical solutions for parents and for employers.

Teen have received some funding to provide training to staff working in leadership, management or HR roles within a non-profit or public sector organisation. The funding is from The Smallwood Trust who support low-income and financially vulnerable women. To access this programme your organisation must employ women on a low income.

This FREE course will ensure that you are equipped to begin effectively supporting your working parents who have adolescent children aged between 9-19yrs.  It will help you to:

  • Understand the issues that your employees face when raising adolescent aged children aged 9-19yrs
  • Calculate the financial impact that negative adolescent behaviour can have on your business
  • Learn how you can identify issues and empower your working-parents to take positive steps at home.
  • Design your first small step to policy change and add ‘Belonging’ to your Equality, Diversity & Inclusion workplace initiative.

All attendees who complete the course will gain ‘The Connectedness Approach’ certification.

The course takes place on 20th January 2020 and is open to individuals:

  • That manage departments that employ 50% or more women
  • Of those women, 50% or more must fall at or below an income of £16,500 per year
  • No more than two employees per organisation can book onto the course
  • This course is open to organisations with 20+ employees


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