BBO Stakeholder Managers' E-bulletin March 2023

Posted 23.03.2023

The March 2023 edition of the BBO Stakeholder Managers’ e-bulletin was published 27/3/23.

This is the final edition of the Stakeholder Managers’ e-bulletin as the role comes to an end on March 31st.  We do hope you have found the e-bulletins informative and relevant to your work.  The BBO Stakeholder Managers’ website will continue to be available until March 2024 so you’ll be able to access all our resources, including our Recruiting Talent pages.

Final evaluations will be added to the website once they have been approved.

In this month’s e-bulletin we focus on the impact of the Building Better Opportunities strands – Opportunity & Change, Money Sorted in D2N2, Towards Work and of course our own work as Stakeholder Managers.

Follow the link for a copy of the e-bulletin: March 2023 BBO Stakeholder Managers’ e-bulletin

Previous BBO Stakeholder Managers’ e-bulletins can be found on the News & Resources page.

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