Boosting Social Mobility in Recruitment through Technology - article

Posted 21.08.2019

Jodie Grove, at HR Review, says why she believes technology is key for boosting social mobility in recruitment, after watching the BBC2 documentary ‘How to Break into the Elite‘, in which Amol Rajan investigates how much class still matters in Britain’s elite professions.

Jodie says that anyone who watched recent documentary couldn’t have failed to be moved by the stirring, but ultimately depressing story of what seems to be the modern reality of people from different ethnic and social-economic backgrounds trying to break into the world of work. Getting a qualification, it seems, is only half the struggle for those who ‘look and sound’ a bit different from an industry’s ‘typical’ [very much in inverted commas], cohort.

The government’s recently published Social Mobility Commission report revealed, just 32 per cent of people from working class backgrounds found professional jobs in 2014, and four years later, it had only risen to 34 per cent.


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