Building Hope: The Children's Society impact report 2019-20

Posted 14.09.2020

Through 2019-20 The Children’s Society has worked with some incredible young people to make sure that they’re aware of, or able to break free from groomers; use better coping methods to improve their mental health or well-being; access the complicated system that allows lone young people leave to remain in this country; or to ensure that their families can get support to avoid financial crisis.

This year 11,500 young people were directly supported by the Children’s Society, significantly exceeding their expected reach.

How the Children’s Society has worked with young people:
·       worked directly with 11,513 young people and 3,049 parents/carers through their 81 services and six national programmes
·       reached 23,941 young people through preventative activity and systems change work
·       reached 14,514  professionals
·       several significant successes resulting in 4.4 million positive impacts for young people in policy and campaigning work
·       of the children and young people worked with 77% said their lives improved after working with the Children’s Society
·       87% were happy or very happy with the services they accessed
·       94% felt listened to by their worker

There’s no going back for lots of young people in the post-COVID world, only moving forward. The coronavirus pandemic has turned young people’s lives upside down. We need to help young people understand what they have been through and put them at the heart of the UK recovery. That’s why the Children’s Society is determined to work with more young people this year and support them in whatever way they need.

Next Generation Nottingham offer intensive support to young people, who in their own words, ‘have more going off in [their] lives than people realise’.  They help those at risk to have trust in and engage in education and employment.

One young person on the programme commented; if it wasn’t for the service, “I think I’d probably be in prison or somewhere else”. With support from their project worker, young people rediscover their hope.

‘I want to be happy. I want to have a future’



BBO is having a significant impact on individual lives, supporting people to increase their confidence, independence and achieve their employment aspirations.

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