Building Resilient Families: Third annual report of the Troubled Families Programme 2018-19

Posted 12.04.2019

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government have published the 3rd annual report setting out how the Troubled Families Programme (2015-2020) has been supporting families, as required by the Welfare Reform and Work Act 2016.

The report ‘Building Resilient Families: Third annual report of the Troubled Families Programme 2018/19’ details how the programme is spreading whole family working across local services so more families get access to the early, practical and coordinated support they need to overcome complex problems. It describes how significant progress has been achieved over the past twelve months:

  • Local authorities have been funded to work in a whole family way with 380,426 families in most need of help as part of the programme. However, we know that local authorities are working in a whole family way with a far greater number of families.
  • 171,890 families have achieved significant and sustained progress against the problems that were identified when they entered the programme. This is up 79,645 on the previous year.  (data as at 8th March)
  • Since the beginning of the programme, one or more adults in 20,366 families have succeeded in moving into continuous employment, an increase of 6,459 since last year.

Stakeholder Managers and the Building Better Opportunities programme are working with the Troubled Families programme throughout the D2N2 area. To find out more revisit our article on Troubled Families.


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