Money Sorted in D2N2 case study: Katrina

Posted 13.05.2021

When Katrina first entered the Money Sorted in D2N2 project she had just moved to Derbyshire in order to escape an abusive relationship which had understandably had an adverse impact on her mental wellbeing.  At this time it was clear that post-traumatic stress, anxiety and depression all presented significant daily hurdles for Katrina to overcome.

Unfortunately, it also quickly became clear that Katrina had been subject to significant economic abuse which had left her with a substantial amount of debt which was further adding to her worries.  Although Katrina had been recently rehoused it was evident that she was struggling to manage her income and expenditure having never been taught to budget up until this point in her life.  These compounding factors all contributed to Katrina’s fragile mental state and informed the need for on-going mental health support from the local Community Mental Health team.

Initial investigations into extent of Katrina’s debt revealed that they had exceeded the £20,000 limit for a Debt Relief Order. To overcome these difficulties her Personal Navigator made an application to the Police to help compile the necessary evidence to demonstrate that Katrina was subjective to coercive control.  This endeavour was ultimately fruitful and enabled Katrina’s Personal Navigator to request write-offs on some of her debts.  This in turn meant Katrina was eligible for a Debt Relief Order.  Further successes were also achieved as Katrina was successfully supported to apply for Personal Independence Payments.

Over a series of months Katrina continued to engage well with the service and was very receptive to the support on offer to help her manage her income. Through this process she has learned how to budget and engage in proactive conversations with energy providers, housing providers and debtors.

As time has gone on Katrina’s progress was also complemented through her engagement on a range of different courses provided by Workers Educational Association (WEA).  These sessions have undoubtedly help to build her identity, confidence and sense of wellbeing as she has progressed through the service.

Katrina had this to say about her experience of the Money Sorted in D2N2 project:

‘Working with my Personal Navigator has been amazing, she has provided me with support in many ways including managing money, debt advice and has navigated me towards services to gain the skills I needed to sustain and manage my finances.

Working with WEA has dramatically improved my confidence, communication skills and budgeting my finances. They have also helped me overcome personal and mental health problems and have encouraged me to progress in society.

Overall, I feel I have benefitted greatly from these services and not only that, it has helped me overcome personal problems. It has given me the skills and confidence in transitioning back into work.’

Since completing the project Katrina has used her new found confidence to commence a volunteering opportunity with a local organisation.

BBO is having a significant impact on individual lives, supporting people to increase their confidence, independence and achieve their employment aspirations.

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