Children's Commissioner report on Child Vulnerability during COVID-19

Posted 01.05.2020

Anne Longfield, Children’s Commissioner for England, has published an analysis of the extent of child vulnerability around the country, warning that much of it is hidden from sight under lockdown.

The Children’s Commissioner’s local area profiles of child vulnerability will help national government and councils identify how many vulnerable children there are in each local authority area, and highlight groups at heightened risk during the coronavirus emergency – such as those in overcrowded or inadequate accommodation, with fragile parents, young carers, or without internet access. This analysis is being used to inform the Government’s work to create a dashboard by which it can monitor the safety and care of vulnerable children and young people through the coronavirus crisis.

Hundreds of thousands of children in England are living with a cocktail of secondary risks that Covid-19 may exacerbate: lack of food in the house, homelessness, sofa-surfing or living in cramped living conditions, neglect, domestic abuse, substance abuse and parental mental health problems.

DOWNLOAD the report and VIEW THE DATA for your area here:  Childrens Commissioner – We’re all in this together

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