First steps in connecting provision in Derby

Posted 31.10.2018

On 19th March 2018 an event, facilitated and organised by Derby City Stakeholder Manager Sabina Talib, was held at the QUAD.

25 attendees from across the Public and Voluntary Community Sector explored the possibilities of working more collaboratively with BBO Delivery Partners to create better outcomes for individuals, support independence and enable transition into employment.

A number of ways to better ‘connect’ were identified, including;

  • Improved working relationships between Derbyshire Law Centre’s Opportunity and Change Social Workers with Adult Social Care, Talking Points and the LACs (Local Area Coordinators).
  • Referral pathways from the Leaving Care Team, MAT Teams, Welfare Reform and Learning Employment Disability Advisors into BBO Provision
  • How BBO Towards Work can support those with ECHP Plans
  • How BBO can better connect with health, linking to GP Surgeries.
  • How BBO can support with UC rollout, in particular BBO Money Sorted
  • How a directory of support would be useful to better understand the complex landscape of provision and enable more effective referral into services.

An action plan was developed and shared with attendees, to take forward commitments from the day.

The event was hailed as a success with 100% of attendees evaluating the event as ‘very useful’, comments from evaluations included:

  • “Extremely useful – fantastic afternoon spent understanding what partner organisations ‘do’ and what services are available”
  • “Great networking opportunity, awareness of community mainstream resources working together to share knowledge, ideas, gaps, instead of all working separately”.
  • “Really good to make links with many services”
  • “Fantastic afternoon. Encouraged useful communication with many organisations. Keep the communication flowing!”

For further information on the event and explore how you could connect into BBO Provision, please contact Sabina Talib at or call 07548 224445.

BBO is having a significant impact on individual lives, supporting people to increase their confidence, independence and achieve their employment aspirations.

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