Free Bikes to Key Workers in Nottingham

Posted 22.04.2020

Organisations in Nottingham are coming together to help local key workers and volunteers as a response to COVID-19.  The Nottingham Bike Aid project will provide assistance to those seeking alternative ways of making their commute.

Sustrans will identify travel needs and provide personalised travel plans for key workers to identify the best routes for their commute and are especially useful for new cyclists.

Nottingham Bikeworks is working to refurbish donated bikes for keyworkers and local cycling charity Ridewise UK will deliver the bikes, offering cycling tips and advice to help commuters feel confident on the road.  There’s also the option of loaning a bike provided by the University of Nottingham, Nottingham Trent University and Nottingham City Council.

Anyone who is a keyworker or volunteer living or working in Nottingham is eligible for help under the scheme.


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