Future's Positive - mental health service users recovery journeys into employment

Posted 07.10.2020

Future’s Positive is the NHS Employment Support Service, supporting people with mental health problems into employment.  The scheme works with an Employment Specialist working with an individual to  identify what they  want to do and helping them to find a job that suits.

The Employment Specialist is part of the Local Mental Health Team which assures that the goal of gaining employment is part of a care plan and that everyone is working together to achieve this goal as part of the recovery process.

Employment has many benefits. It not only provides financial income, it can also give structure, meaning and purpose to life.  Employment can also increase social connections and can be good for health and wellbeing. Employment is an achievable goal for people who have experience of severe mental health issues.

Employment Specialists believe that through positive support, significant barriers to employment are removed. The stigma associated with mental illness is challenged effectively by placing positive role models in the workplace.

In order to raise mental health awareness, the Future’s Positive will be sharing some service users’ inspiring journeys into employment,  while facing severe adversities due to mental health difficulties.  Every day from 5th – 9th October two stories will be shared, highlighting recovery journeys on the Future’s Positive’s facebook page.

Futures Positive facebook page

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BBO is having a significant impact on individual lives, supporting people to increase their confidence, independence and achieve their employment aspirations.

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