Good Work Nottingham

Posted 11.02.2019

Launched in 2017, the Nottingham Civic Exchange looks to understand the challenges facing ordinary working people. The role of paid work is often central to those challenges. As part of their programme exploring how to create a place that provides good work for all, Nottingham Civic Exchange will be hosting a series of public events.

Stakeholder Managers attended the viewing of the premiere of ‘An Ordinary Working Family?’ which explores the life of one Ordinary Working Family in Nottingham as they deal with the economic insecurity they face during their day to day life and the resilience shown in the face of these challenges. This short documentary was followed by a panel debate hosted by Nottingham Civic Exchange and question and answer session on how to provide ‘good work’ for all across Nottingham.

The Good Work event was the first of four events exploring Good Work in Nottingham. This event set the scene by highlighting the personal experiences behind the need to champion Good Work for all.

Panel members included:

  • Rachel Quinn, Careers, Employability & Inclusion Manager at D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership
  • John Kinnear, Head of Programmes at the Family Holiday Association
  • Clifford Stevenson, Associate Professor at Nottingham Trent University
  • Dawn Elliott, Co-Chair of Nottingham Citizens Action Team on Work and Wages and Regional Officer at the Royal College of Nursing

Dr. Paula Black (Director, Nottingham Civic Exchange) – led the event. Paula has a professional background as an academic and has taught Sociology at the Universities of Sussex, Manchester and Derby.

The audience gained an insight into the latest thinking on the nature of good work within Nottingham and beyond, and the steps taken by policy bodies and others to address the job quality gap.

Further events are planned: 27th March, 8th May and 8th July. Click this link for more information about the events.

For more information on Good Work Nottingham, visit the Nottingham Trent University website.

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