HR Review publishes article: Should Employers Take a Better Approach to Inclusion and Diversity?

Posted 15.08.2019

Daniele Fiandaca, at HR Review, asks if employers should be taking a better approach to inclusion and diversity.  Diversity and inclusion seems to be at the top of the HR agenda nowadays, but do businesses truly understand what it means, beyond tokenism and quota-filling?

Employers need to do D&I better and for it to become a part of the wider business strategy. For that to happen, people have to learn. And they can’t do that without listening.


You can also read more about the role of the BBO Stakeholder Managers in promoting diversity and inclusion in the work place, through their recent Recruiting Talent event (19/7/19).  The aim of the event was to encourage employers to recruit more inclusively and diversely from our harder to reach cohorts by adopting different and more inclusive models of recruitment.

RECRUITING TALENT post-event page

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