Laying the Foundations of a Good Work City report

Posted 09.04.2019

Stakeholder Managers attended the March Good Work Nottingham event, where Nottingham Trent University shared the Laying the Foundations of a Good Work City, mapping out employment in Nottingham.

This insightful report documents the current state of the city, showing the importance of good work in providing the resources required for communities to survive the challenges of economic insecurity. From the report we see evidence of researchers digging beneath the surface of national and regional statistics to ensure we all understand the key issues for workers in Nottingham.

The concept of undertaking research and action projects with local people is central to the work of NTU.

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Laying the Foundations of a Good City report 2019

NTU: Five things you need to know about employment in Nottingham

The next Good Work Nottingham event takes place on Wednesday 8 May.  NTU will be building on research from NTU academics within the Work, Wellbeing and Performance Research Group and further afield, and will be showing how to ensure employees are healthy and productive.   Practical initiatives that improve the quality of work are being developed with partners. This includes work with the Nottingham Citizens group on their campaign around work and wages.

BBO is having a significant impact on individual lives, supporting people to increase their confidence, independence and achieve their employment aspirations.

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