No Place for Hate

Posted 14.07.2021

While most crime types decreased significantly during Covid-19 lockdowns, this was not the case for hate crime, which remained consistent. Additionally, several trends have been identified such as Covid-related hate crime (specially targeting East and South East Asian communities), Black Lives Matter related hate crime, disability based hate crime (e.g. people being targeted who are exempt from wearing masks). We also know that hate crime continues to be hugely underreported and intelligence from communities suggests that a lot of the above described behaviour is not being reported. All of this has led to some of our communities feeling more vulnerable and anxious specially as life starts to open up.

A ‘Day of Action’ on hate crime is being organised in Nottingham as an opportunity for organisations to come together and share messages on reporting hate crime, in line with the Nottingham twin-tracked approach of #NottinghamTogether and #NoPlaceForHate.


  • To encourage reporting of hate crime as the City opens up again
  • To ensure victims of hate get support
  • To send out a message that the safety of all communities is important to us as we open up
  • To encourage people to be respectful of difference as we interact with each other more

Resources available

  • Flyers – how to report a hate crime and what to expect after reporting
  • Mythbuster booklet on common misunderstandings about reporting hate crime
  • Social media assets for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram including GIFs, strand specific graphics, mythbusters and cover images

If you would like printed materials, contact Nottingham City Council via email

Request from partners

  • To share information about reporting hate crime on your social media accounts using #NoPlaceForHate and #NottinghamTogether
  • To share information about reporting and the campaign with your staff teams
  • If you have physical premises or the ability to share and display posters and flyers, contact Nottingham City Council as above

Different ways to report a Hate Crime:

  • in an emergency – call 999
  • non-emergency – call 101
  • online –

No place for Hate social messaging
Nottingham City Council are planning a social media campaign to promote their message on Wednesday 14th July.  You can get involved too using resources provided below and sharing/tagging social media messages.

Cover photos
Organisations asked to change their social media headers on Facebook and Twitter to the ones provided in the link below.
Assets – Twitter header and Facebook header
Suggested assets named in the below posts can be downloaded here

There are further social assets and other resources, including:

  • Posters – English only
  • A5 Hate crime flyer in English, Kurdish, Polish and Romanian
  • Covid 19 Hate crime flyer in English, Mandarin, Arabic and Vietnamese
  • Myth busters leaflet in Arabic, English, Mandarin and Polish
  • Reporting process flowchart – in English, Polish and Romanian
  • Social assets – these include further videos, images and gifs.

These can be downloaded here –

Tagging – please tag in @nottspolice in your posts. Feel free to tag @MyNottingham too.

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