Nottinghamshire businesses invited to 5G focus groups

Posted 05.07.2021

Nottinghamshire County Council are inviting Nottinghamshire-based businesses to participate in a Zoom Focus Group to understand how businesses regard digital technologies and their role in supporting business success.  As a thank you for participating, each individual taking part in a Focus Group, will receive an Amazon e-voucher worth £60.

Nottinghamshire County Council have commissioned the independent research agency Habit5, who are accredited as a Company Partner by the Market Research Society to run these focus groups. The Zoom Focus Groups are taking place between 27th-29th July 2021 and will last no more than 90 minutes.  Follow the link to register your interest in participating in a Zoom Focus Group:

Register your interest in participating in a Zoom Focus Group Survey (

Places are limited and a member of the Habit5 team will respond with the link for the relevant Zoom Focus Group if a place remains available.

Based in and around the ancient historic woodlands of Sherwood Forest, the 5G Connected Forest programme is led by Nottinghamshire County Council in partnership with academic researchers and local businesses.

The programme focuses on how 5G technology could support the tourism and environment protection sectors across Nottinghamshire.

One of the aims of the programme is to inspire local people and businesses to adopt and innovate with this new technology.

By developing a mobile 5G network in one of the most highly designated forest areas in the country, the project aims to identify business models and applications suitable for commercial development, boosting the skills and employment opportunities for residents and encouraging the creation of new tourism business opportunities across the region.

This research aims to:

  1. Determine the best way to cascade and promote current uses of 5G technologies.
  2. Encourage and inspire local businesses to start looking at potential opportunities for using digital technologies to enhance the visitor economy.
  3. Establish the level of interest in, and perceived benefits for both the visitor economy and wider industry sectors, of 5G and the technologies it enables.

If you have any questions regarding this focus group please contact

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