Nottinghamshire #STOPVIOLENCE campaign launched

Posted 15.09.2020

The Nottinghamshire #STOPVIOLENCE campaign aims to lift the veil on weapon-enabled violence and exploitation, and direct vulnerable victims and their parents and carers towards help.

Funded by Nottinghamshire’s Violence Reduction Unit and the county’s Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping, and developed by marketing firm Powell and Barns Group Ltd, the project amassed the personal experiences and views of young people across Nottinghamshire through a series of city and county focus groups.

The research has culminated in the production of a series of hard-hitting short videos, shot in and around Nottingham, retelling the graphic stories of victims of gang culture, sexual exploitation, online bullying, intimidation, joint enterprise and ‘county lines’ in a bid to shatter illusions about violence and gang culture.

It was vital we used the language and mediums appropriate to young people so the message resonates with them and leaves a lasting impression.

We make no apology for the realism and emotive testimonies portrayed in these films. We want young viewers to remember what they have seen and heard forever and if we can stop just one young person carrying a knife or weapon then a life may have been saved.

Actors, performers and models for the campaign were supplied by Bilborough College in the city, and youth consultants from local neighbourhoods assisted with content development to ensure authenticity and a true reflection of the issues covered by the campaign.

We appreciate you raising awareness of this campaign and sharing its important message with the young people in your school or organisation.

Videos and topics
The first series of videos are live at  The website also has information and links for people who may be concerned or impacted by violent crime. Young people, parents and the wider community can follow and share the campaign across social media as follows:

YouTube & Snapchat: hashtagng
Instagram: _hashtagng
Facebook: hashtag_NG

Videos will continue to be released until October and each section of the campaign is designed to ‘speak to’ the experiences and concerns some young people face alone.

The campaign also aims to provide a counter narrative to the ‘normality’ of violent crime and reporting a concern with hashtags and slogans such as #befearless #chooselife #stopviolence that promote safety and the idea of taking control of personal decisions.

Young people and parents can access links to further information and local, confidential advice from the website.

Video summary

Lonely in a crowd:
A short video that depicts the impact of sharing violent content such as bullying and intimidation online, particularly in a school or college environment. The video encourages young people to think about what they share and understand the prolonged impact this type of bullying has on the victim.

Don’t Press Send:
This video focuses on the issue of sexual intimidation and exploitation and being aware of what is appropriate to share online. It covers the sensitive issue of being pressured by a friend or partner to share sexual images and encourages young people to be safe and aware.

Going OT? (County Lines)
Real audio of a young person in Nottingham who had been ‘groomed’ by older gang members and forced to carry out violent crime after being taken far away from his home. Young actors from Nottingham re-enact the story and show how this is an issue that could affect any young person. The video aims to educate and empower young people to be aware of criminal grooming, whilst raising awareness about the signs for parents and the wider community.

Two Sides:
Real audio of a young person sharing a personal experience of what happened when he chose to attend Nottingham’s Goose Fair with the ‘wrong crowd’. The video includes re-enactments and powerful performances by Nottingham actors, to reinforce the message that violent culture is not glamorous, it has serious consequences and real friends would not put each other at risk of harm, death, or prison.

My City:
This short, upbeat video is designed to empower young people in Nottinghamshire with a sense of pride for where they live. It shows great buildings and facilities accessible to young people. The idea is to provide a positive image of young people from Nottinghamshire and reinforce the message ‘You do have a choice’ #chooselife

The Trap:
We have created a short replica of a video game to encourage young people to think about their choices and not allow themselves to be controlled or used as weapons by older people or ‘gangs’. This video focuses on criminal exploitation and provides a counter narrative to the idea of gaining ‘street cred’ through criminal activities or violence.

Stabbed by my Friends:
Real audio of a young person who was attacked by his own friends after he refused not to become part of a gang. It highlights the importance of talking to someone you trust if you are in threat of danger, and the importance of reporting threats or acts of violence in order to stay safe.

Joint Enterprise:
A re-enactment of a story shared by many young people in our focus groups. This video is the longest in the series and depicts the harrowing truths about how young people can become involved in violence, the dangers of acting out of bravado and the consequences of getting involved in violent crime.

Positive choices #NG
This video is designed to show positive stories and features 5 young people from Nottinghamshire who made positive life choices despite adverse childhood experiences. The video encourages young people to make wise decisions and think bigger than their postcode.

Community Voices:
A short video aimed at parents and the wider community, featuring members of the Nottingham community, a Nottinghamshire Police Officer and a Trauma Surgeon from Nottingham’s QMC, all share their thoughts and experiences of youth violence and the work taking place in Nottingham to stamp out youth violence.

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