The power of perseverance - Opportunity & Change case study

Posted 16.08.2022

F arrived in the UK with her husband and children from Lebanon under the UK Refugee Resettlement programme. They had moved to Lebanon because of the war in Syria leaving behind extended family, their home and for her husband, it meant leaving employment as a plumber and for F, employment as a hairdresser.

F had been concentrating on improving her English which was a new language for her. She was keen to undertake some training and initially focussed upon completing her Numeracy EL3 qualification and she was referred to Inspire Training to complete this. Her long-term goal was to achieve a British qualification in Hairdressing to support the skills she had gained in Syria. After working together for a while, she asked if her husband would also be able to join the programme. His progression with English was a bit slower but his determination to succeed was there for everyone to see.

F has 3 daughters and the property they lived in was not really suitable for their needs because of some health issues experienced by the children. Support has been provided to help them with achieving PIP assessment which one of them is now in receipt of.  The second will be reviewed once the youngest child starts school full time. Their housing is also in the process of being re-assessed. They have been referred on and are now receiving specialist support to enable them to move into a more modern property either on one level or with a more appropriate staircase and better domestic facilities.

F started attending the local college on the Hairdressing Level 2 course. This was an especially difficult journey not least because of English being the second language but because of the effects of COVID-19 on college attendance and the need for most theory lessons to take place online. Determined not to give up, she achieved her qualification and she has also achieved her qualification in Indian Head Massage through attending a course locally.

F has passed her driving test and she continues to achieve additional qualifications. She worked hard to find a salon to enable her to do some work experience and eventually through perseverance she found employment in a highly regarded local salon, which recently won an award as the Best Hair Salon in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. The salon is now supporting F to complete her Level 3 apprenticeship. The children are doing well in school and the family are making a real success of their lives in the UK.

F says: “I am so happy with all the support I have received. When I came to England I did not speak English. Now I am starting a Level 3 Diploma.“

BBO is having a significant impact on individual lives, supporting people to increase their confidence, independence and achieve their employment aspirations.

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