Opportunity & Change case study: Parveen

Posted 17.05.2021

Parveen was referred to Opportunity and Change after originally visiting the general advice drop-in service at the Nottingham & Nottinghamshire Refugee Forum. She was having problems with her benefits and had many debts. Her accommodation was at risk and she was becoming increasingly anxious and unable to cope. After a few sessions with the Navigator it emerged that the participant has a child in foster care, who she had not had contact with for several months. This situation was contributing to the deterioration of her mental health, and she was nowhere near in a position to think about entering the job market, or engage in education.

Parveen speaks Arabic and has very poor English, whereas her daughter speaks English and very little Arabic, so an interpreter is needed during these meetings.

The Navigator contacted social services and after a few enquiries managed to make contact with the child’s social worker. She organised a first supervised meeting between mother and daughter, which went very well. They now meet regularly every 6 weeks, and Parveen also attends a review meeting twice a year at her child’s school, with the social worker, foster parents and teacher. The progress made on re-building this relationship has made a great difference to Parveen’s mental health, and she generally has a more positive outlook on the other aspects of her life.

Parveen now has the confidence to start attending ESOL (English language course)  in order to improve the quality of her communication and her self-esteem. She also attended  a Loudspeaker course, and was very happy to have the opportunity to share time with other women doing something artistic.

Parveen plans to continue improving her English through ESOL lessons.

BBO is having a significant impact on individual lives, supporting people to increase their confidence, independence and achieve their employment aspirations.

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