Prevention 2020: Broadening our Horizons - presentations from the event 5/2/20

Posted 12.03.2020

The East Midlands Public Health conference Prevention 2020: Broadening our Horizons took place on Wednesday 5th February in Derby.  The conference was an exploration of what prevention could and should mean to those working in public health in 2020, from individual level interventions to the changes happening on a planetary scale.

If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, then it is safe to say that society’s view of health could do with being a lot lighter. In the NHS five year forward view, we were warned that a failure to take prevention seriously would result in the stalling of progress in healthy life expectancy and the widening of health inequalities, and yet here we are facing precisely that.

Presentations from the day

Morning presentations – Prof Maggie Rae and the injury prevention session
Workshop – Is it ever too late for prevention?
Workshop – Design thinking and empathy in public health
Workshop – Beyond box ticking: engaging with minority communities
Afternoon presentations – climate change and health, leading for health improvement across a population, and regional good practice showcase

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See what our participants have to say in these case studies …

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