Recruiting inclusively - focus on ex-offenders

Posted 12.12.2020

A third of businesses state that they are unable to address skills gaps in their workforce, according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). Thinking outside the box about recruitment and exploring new talent pools can help overcome such challenges.

Join over 300 leading businesses who benefit by hiring skilled people from prisons.

Prisoners gain a wide breadth of skills and qualifications from workshops in prison. Many workshops are run by external businesses, tailored to their company’s needs; making ideal job-ready candidates on release.

The New Futures Network  is a specialist part of the prison service that brokers partnerships between prisons and employers. It will help to identify the best option for each organisation, including networking with similar businesses that are already employing ex-prisoners.

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT  the Government’s offender employment programme

Offender Employment Guide

What do I need to disclose: NACRO guide to applying for a job that is subject to standard or enhanced DBS checks

BBO is having a significant impact on individual lives, supporting people to increase their confidence, independence and achieve their employment aspirations.

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