Recruiting Talent –why has it become so difficult?

Posted 27.06.2019

Across the East Midlands we are facing some substantial socio-economic challenges.

The labour market is also currently very tight. Employment sits at 76%, the highest figure on record. So we have less people not in work. On the other hand, the number of vacancies have been steadily increasing. Employers have to compete harder to attract the right talent to sustain and grow their business.

It’s clear we also have an ongoing mismatch between the skills of our population and the jobs available and growing in our labour market.

There’s no wonder 68% of employers according to the EMC quarterly survey struggled to fill their vacancies

So what’s the solution?  One of the solutions is to change the way you recruit your future workforce: Think differently, Think inclusively.

To showcase what employers have done to recruit differently and inclusively, we are holding a collaborative event: Recruiting Talent 2019 at Derby College on Friday 19th July. There are some great key note speakers (Elizabeth Fagan, former MD of Boot and current Chair of D2N2), some fantastic workshops (which are filling up fast!) and an exhibitor marketplace of providers who can support you to recruit differently.

For more information on the Recruiting Talent event and to BOOK YOUR PLACE see:


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