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Posted 25.08.2022

The Recruiting Talent in North Derbyshire event took place on Tuesday 19th July 2022 at Chesterfield College where the Atrium provided a superb space for delegates to gather, network and listen to the speakers. In spite of a record heatwave, we had delegates from across the county come and brave the heat to learn more about the inclusive recruitment agenda and how it could help their businesses going forward.

Senior leaders from the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership, Lucie Andrews, and the Principal of Chesterfield College, David Malone, delivered their inspirational strategic ambitions for the future of the local areas as well as the college and encouraged businesses to look to the wider talent pool by adopting more inclusive approaches to recruitment. Lucie Andrews outlined the current and future economic landscape and emphasised the benefits of inclusive recruitment for our businesses, whilst David Malone spoke passionately around inclusive recruitment and how the college is helping lead the way in educating the next generation of business leaders.

Following this Mike Reid spoke around the issues affecting those wishing to enter the labour market and how businesses can access funding and support to help them recruit within the “hidden talent” market.

Penny Guard from GBS Ltd showcased the importance of recruiting and retaining staff. Showcasing how apprenticeships have changed to showcase greater talent and how businesses with some small changes to their recruitment practices, could utilise this to create a long term, lasting recruitment strategy. Ian Eyre from Edwards Employment Solutions spoke passionately about “New Approaches for a New Era” of recruiting. He expanded on the crisis the market is facing after the COVID-19 pandemic and how businesses are having to look into new methods when recruiting to make sure they are removing barriers so that they can get the best people for their roles.

Ending the main keynote speeches was Andy Leask, Director of Rodgers Leask Engineering. Andy spoke around staff wellbeing and the importance it has in terms of retaining staff, looking at what businesses can do to support staff, including recognising symptoms of mental health problems and ways to help support those affected to maximise retention of staff and to make sure that everyone is as supported as they can be.

Over lunch everyone was invited into the marketplace to meet the organisations that can support employers in multiple ways to recruit people from more diverse backgrounds in order to reduce the number of vacancies unfilled, help retain local talent, improve productivity and invest in workforce skills development.

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