The Importance of Mental Health Strategies in Attracting Top Talent - white paper

Posted 13.03.2020

In recent years, public awareness of mental health has risen dramatically, with a new focus on employers to take the initiative to support their staff in this area.  This shift in culture also presents a valuable opportunity. Businesses which can set themselves apart from competitors by demonstrating a commitment to developing and maintaining an effective mental health policy can attract high calibre professionals and ensure the highest levels of productivity.

For this whitepaper Robert Walters explored the strategies employers have adopted to support the mental health of their staff and how they communicate these effectively to existing employees and during the recruitment process.  They also investigated the attitudes of professionals to determine how they feel their mental health can be best supported by their employer and where they feel support should come from at work.

This research is based on a survey of over 1200 professionals and hiring managers from a range of disciplines across the UK.


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