Towards Work case study: DHA

Posted 17.05.2021

Paula moved from her home town with her mum, on whom she is very dependent and won’t go anywhere without her, not even on a bus.  She has been on universal credit for many years and  suffers from depression and anxiety, lacks self esteem, self belief and feels socially isolated

Paula joined the Towards Work Programme with DHA, always attending appointments with her mum.  She hardly spoke and there was no eye contact. Over the past year her Work Coach worked with her to gain confidence by sourcing voluntary work.  Initially Paula’s mum would go on the bus with her to her voluntary placement but over a period of time Paula managed to travel on her own.  This was a huge achievement for Paula.

Voluntary work helped Paula to get into a routine and make friends.   Having no self- belief, Paula could not consider employment goals so her Work Coach used a variety of different techniques to gather information and found out that Paula was very creative – she liked art & crafts. During a review meeting Paula mentioned that she was interested in working with children with special needs but had no qualifications or skills to offer an employer. With the support of her Work Coach she enrolled on the course ‘Prepare to work in schools & colleges’ and to date has completed the Level 1 & 2.  She has recently completed ‘Certificate in Understanding Specific Learning Difficulties’. She has also attended an interview catching 2 buses to the location of the interview by herself. She has grown in confidence and is now job searching independently and looking forward to her chosen career as a Teaching Assistant.

BBO is having a significant impact on individual lives, supporting people to increase their confidence, independence and achieve their employment aspirations.

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