Virgin Media launches cheaper broadband package for UC claimants

Posted 15.09.2020

Virgin Media has announced a new broadband service targeted specifically at customers facing financial difficulty and uncertainty in these challenging times.

The broadband-only plan, called “Virgin Media Essential Broadband”, will be available to those receiving Universal Credit and will come with a speed of 15 mbps and a fixed price of £15 per month, with no fixed-term contract length and no price changes while benefit payments are being received. The service will launch in the autumn.

Available initially for existing Virgin Media customers, they will be able to take the new service by simply filling out an online form and providing proof of their Universal Credit status.

The introduction of this new product is the latest initiative from Virgin Media following previous proactive steps designed to help and support vulnerable customers.

Jeff Dodds, chief operating officer at Virgin Media, said: “We know that these are tough times and that there are many people finding it more difficult to make ends meet and facing financial uncertainty.  At the same time, the role of broadband in helping people to stay connected has never been clearer.  With this all in mind, we wanted to make sure that those customers receiving benefit payments were able to access reliable, hassle-free connectivity with enough speed to carry out essential online activities.”

The number of people claiming Universal Credit – a benefit for people on low incomes or out of work – has risen sharply since the advent of the pandemic.

There were 5.6 million people on the benefit at the start of July, up from three million in March.

BBO is having a significant impact on individual lives, supporting people to increase their confidence, independence and achieve their employment aspirations.

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