We care so why can we not deliver?

Posted 28.02.2019

Over the last 30 years there have been numerous laws, policy reviews, enquiries and working groups all designed to improve the care and transitional support offered to care experienced young people. Yet despite this policy and legislative attention and a fair amount of investment many of the issues faced by young people remain unchanged.

Kieran Breen, Chief Executive of Leicestershire Cares, wrote this article for Vulnerability 360 on how the care system is failing young people.

We Care So Why Can We Not Deliver?

The article has sparked further discussion and attention.  See the Leicestershire Cares website for responses to Kieran’s article, including from Lemn Sissay MBE who produced the documentary “Superkids: Breaking Away From Care (November 2018)”

Superkids: Breaking Away From Care – tells the story of seven young people who are in the care of their council and sets out to help them express their experiences through words, and perform them to a packed theatre of decision-makers.

BBO is having a significant impact on individual lives, supporting people to increase their confidence, independence and achieve their employment aspirations.

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