Working with people who use drugs - Guidance for homelessness accommodation services

Posted 16.08.2019

Homeless Link’s Innovation and Good Practice Team have published ‘Working with people who use drugs – Guidance for homelessness accommodation services’ a guidance intended for use by homelessness services.

The guide aims to help managers and staff of homelessness services to:

  • Increase their confidence in working with clients that use drugs
  • Understand the legal framework around drugs
  • Safeguard the organisation and create a therapeutic environment
  • Increase the likelihood of clients overcoming problematic drug use and finding recovery
  • Examine drug use from a health and harm reduction approach
  • Understand of the benefits of joint working practices in meeting the holistic needs of clients who use drugs
  • Understand how to increase levels of engagement and support, in order to achieve the best possible outcome for clients who use drugs
  • Become familiar with drug-related harms and examine ways of reducing them
  • Set up a peer support programme and appreciate the benefits that this can bring
  • Gain a better understanding of drug treatment, pathways and interventions

This guide also outlines how to establish key local services (including drug treatment services), develop the correct policies and procedures, conduct comprehensive assessments, and understand effective keyworking practices.


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