Youth Violence Commission publish final report

Posted 20.07.2020

Following a debate in Parliament, a Cross Party Commission was launched to examine the root causes of youth violence in England, Scotland and Wales. The Commission consulted young people and worked with academics and practitioners to better understand how serious violence manifests itself in many young people’s lives.

The Youth Violence Commission was established with the recognition that tackling youth violence is the responsibility of all society. The commissioners comprised of MPs from across different political parties, in order to seek a genuine cross party consensus on solutions to address youth violence. The commissioners worked alongside the commission’s academic and strategic partners to seek evidence based policy solutions, with the aim of ultimately getting each political party to sign up to the final report’s recommendations.

This report marks the culmination of more than three years of extensive evidence gathering and research.

Throughout the process, the overwhelming verdict from victims, youth workers, community leaders and other stakeholders has been that short-term solutions are not sufficient to effect long-term change. Following the publication of the interim report in 2018, regional Violence Reduction Units (VRUs) have been set up and a public health approach by regional and national government has been adopted, both of which were recommended by the Commission. However, young people continue to lose their lives and the real work is yet to be done.

To that end, this final report sets out a list of recommendations for ensuring that VRUs are successful. First and foremost, they need long-term funding commitments and to adopt expansive and ambitious roles at both the local and national levels, which will require them to collaborate effectively as a network.


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