Youth Voice Census report published

Posted 29.06.2020

The third annual Youth Voice Census report looks at how young people are feeling on a range of issues related to education, work and the areas in which they live. Open to 14-24 year olds across the UK, it captures the voice of young people and allows them the chance to be heard.

The Youth Voice Census will help to identify where things are improving, where tensions remain and what more could be done to better support young people as they navigate the ever changing pathways from education into employment.

This year’s census was open from 3rd February to 6th April 2020. The majority (83%) of responses were received before the pandemic took hold.

Published by Youth Employment, the census findings tell the story of those in education, work and seeking work just as the landscape is set to change in an unprecedented way.

Youth Employment UK Chief Executive, Laura-Jane Rawlings, said: “We all have a role to play in ensuring that young people have quality options for work, education and training available to them. We need to move faster to eradicate the inequalities in our education, training and employment systems. Young people will need more tailored support and guidance to help them navigate a difficult labour market.”

“Systems that work for young people have to be designed with their input. Government, business, education and the employability sector must listen to what young people tell them. The Youth Voice Census provides organisations with an opportunity to listen, take action and make changes.”

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